Crossing a River With a Wolf, Goat & Carrots

Can you get all four across the river safely?

Only the man and at most one other item are allowed in the boat for each crossing. Only the man is able to operate the boat. Unfortunately, if the wolf is left alone with the goat it will eat it, as will the goat eat the carrots. Explain how the man can cross the river.


1) The man takes the goat to the far side and leaves him there.

2) The man returns to an empty boat and collects the wolf (or carrots).

3) Travelling again to the far side he deposits the wolf (or carrots) & picks up the goat to return to the near side.

4) At the near side, he deposits the goat and collects the carrots (or wolf).

5) At the far side, he leaves the wolf and carrots together.

6) He returns with an empty boat and collects the goat.

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