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Crossing River Puzzle

There are 8 people who have to cross the river on a raft. 1. Policeman (P) 2. Thief (T) 3. Father (F) 4. Boy 1 (B1) 5. Boy 2 (B2) 6. Mother (M) 7. Girl 1 (G1) 8. Girl 2 (G2) The rules are: Only two people can cross at a time. Only the adults 

Square Root 12345678987654321

We all know that square root of number 121 is 11. What is the square root of „12345678987654321“? Answer: The pattern is that the highest number, the one in the middle of the sequence such as 1234321 is the number of 1’s in the square root. Square root of number 121 is 11 Square root

Cannibals and Missionaries

There are 3 missionaries and 3 cannibals that need to cross a river. There is only 1 way across the river and that is by boat. There is only 1 boat and the boat will hold at most two people. You cannot have more cannibals than missionaries on one side of the river or else

Crossing a River With a Wolf, Goat & Carrots

Can you get all four across the river safely? Only the man and at most one other item are allowed in the boat for each crossing. Only the man is able to operate the boat. Unfortunately, if the wolf is left alone with the goat it will eat it, as will the goat eat the

Puzzling Missing/Appearing Person Illusion

Basically, you count the number of men in the image, wait a few seconds for the top two pieces to switch, and count again. The left top side of the image goes up and slides over to the right, while the right side of the image slides to the left. In this image, there are